Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Going Americana on You

Oh what a week it's been!

Some intense personal happenings on my end last weekend (not Halloween related) has actually allowed me to welcome a painfully gorgeous Stetson Twenty-Five Open Road hat to the Merryweather closet. With the original box, of course. (Thanks, Poppy!)

And the nerd that I am, the initial research began as soon as I got it home. Starting with a visit to the Stetson website where I watched this video detailing the manufacturing process.

Some admittedly superficial internet searches led me to this blog entry written by a small family farmer in North Dakota, sharing a bit of their family history with Stetson hats.


Surprisingly, the author (Jane) talks about her Uncle Dan wearing his Stetson with a dark wool suit on the Michigan Avenue here in Chicago! Illustrating the timeless dignity equated with an urban man wearing a Stetson. I wish I saw more of that in this city. Maybe I just haven't been looking.

Chicago pedestrians beware: if I see you wearing a Stetson smartly, I will be approaching to ask to take a photo and learn about your history with this sartorial icon of Americana!

More in-depth research on the agenda this week, including some family history of my own.

Besides this great addition to the Merryweather closet, this week Crystal and I have been planning the upcoming sale, and will be burning the evening oil tomorrow to markdown a lot of our items on the Etsy site. It's been a long time since we've hit the estate sales, and we're itching - so we're making room for all of our hopeful winter finds. We get to go shopping for the closet and YOU get amazing deals on fantastic items: everybody wins!

Stay tuned!

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