Thursday, October 14, 2010


I went to an Antique Mall up North last week. Granted I got there right when they opened (around 10am) but the place was completely deserted. It was interesting how everything was set up. I'm not quite sure how it works but the place seemed like one big consignment shop with many individual sellers. The owners weren't very friendly and they honestly acted as though the stuff they had was so rare, hence the ridiculous prices! I found an old leather clutch purse that I own selling for 250 dollars! I got mine for 2 dollars at a garage sale. It made me wonder.

Speaking of high prices when it comes to vintage, the whole concept of over-charging has definitely been on my mind lately. It makes me sad to think that because Vintage clothing has made somewhat of a comeback over the recent years that sellers can take advantage of the naive buyer. You know when you meet a good seller because they do their research to ensure they are you giving you the most accurate price for an item. They can explain why something is 100 dollars versus 10 dollars because they've done the work to price accordingly. It takes time and dedication. And to some people, well, a lot of people its really all about the money. Its sad. Thankfully, the people I work closely with in the vintage world are nothing like that, which I am most grateful for. They actually care and are dorky about old stuff, like me! :)

Apart from that sidenote and my disappointment with the attitude of the owner, this Antique Mall did have some cool heirlooms. I captured my favorites.

I really want this dish.


my favorite.


All in all I would say it was worth the trip over there. They had some rare items, especially in terms of old furniture but overall most of what they carried clothes-wise I have seen before. Also, too pricey and not the friendliest. They need cheering up in the form of sunshine, lollipops, and Nancy Sinatra. That would make them happier I think!

xxx, Crystal

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